Oil Change Service

Includes oil, oil filter, and oil drain plug washer replacement.  Full visual vehicle inspection performed (check tires, brakes, fluid levels, tire pressures, hoses, etc...).  Rotate tires if necessary/applicable

Full/Major Service

Includes everything that comes with the Oil Change and Intermediate Services.  Includes engine air filter/s replacement, spark plug replacement (non diesel only), drive belt replacement (if needed), windshield wiper blade replacement, and keyfob battery replacement.  Engine oil treatment, fuel system treatment, and/or coolant flush performed if requested (additional cost applies).

Brake Flush Service - 2 Year Maintenance

Bleed and flush brake fluid system and fill with fresh brake fluid.  Required every two years, regardless of mileage.

Brake flush with performance Motul RBF600 Racing Brake Fluid - additional cost applies

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Intermediate/Minor Service

Includes everything that comes with the Oil Change Service and includes a pollen filter/s replacement.

* Prices will vary between models and model years.   Mileage intervals for maintenances will vary by model and model year. Contact Kim for more information and/or quotes specific to your vehicle.  

225-248-6882 or kim@vinnies-exotics.com